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Mini Scales (0.1g accuracy)

Mini Scales (0.1g accuracy)

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Mini digital scale with extra accuracy down to 0.1g specially for weighing smaller quantities of resins, hardeners and pigments where extra accuracy is needed.

Perfect for jewellery makers, model-makers and in fact anyone generally working with smaller quantities of resins and pigments!

Sometimes, 1g accuracy isn't enough and you want to weigh even more accurately. That's when this precision mini-scale comes in!

This great little scale weighs to 0.1g accuracy and will weigh a total of 2kg (2000g) of resin, hardener, pigment, powder etc; making it ideal for jewellery makers and those generally working with small quantities of resin.

0.1g of accuracy is particularly useful when measuring very light materials like our mica powders or concentrated pigments such as our Squid pigments where you might only be measuring in a gram or less of pigment into your resin mix!

For those working regularly with resin, you might find you want a precision scale like for really accurate measuring of pigments and powders, which you use alongside your regular scale such as our 10kg Digital Scale.

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