Collection: Resin

A1 Acrylic Composite

A1 is a two-component material consisting of a mineral powder and a water-based acrylic resin. These bind in such a way that a very strong material is created. A1 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, fire-resistant and is easy to use. It is a very different product to epoxy resin and shouldn't be viewed in same way for same tasks.



UK Manufactured range of art and casting epoxy resins, Heat and UV resistant. Also now a Food safe variant. 

Resin Pro 

The wide Resin Pro product line is designed, studied and built according to the needs of our customers in order to guarantee an excellent quality together with the maximum ease of use.

Resin Pro orders may be fulfilled by the warehouse directly unless you have ordered some of our products too. If ordering with our products there may be a few days delay on shipping while we collect from their warehouse. 

Please note we cannot ship any of our resin products outside UK mainland due to the chemical and liquid content.