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Horror / Halloween Characters HB Style Wax Melt Silicone Mould

Horror / Halloween Characters HB Style Wax Melt Silicone Mould

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This mould is perfect for wax melts, chocolates, resin casting and sweet treats. The price is for one mould producing 8 melts.

Mould size: 150mm x 130mm x 12mm approx
Melt size: 50mm x 27mm x 8mm approx

The characters are: 
Friday the 13th: Jason Vorhees
Saw: Jigsaw
The Exorcist: Possessed Girl
Halloween: Michael Myers
The Nun
The Ring: Girl climbing out of the TV
IT: Pennywise the Clown

These melts should allow two per cavity in the home bargains boxes.
They can also be packaged differently and sold as melts.

These melts typically hold around 10g of wax each.

The addition cure silicone rubber we use is suited to all resins and wax.

*Colours of the mould may vary*
We provide different colour moulds to keep things interesting and to make our products different from others.
You cannot choose the colour mould you receive, this will be random.

Moulds are occasionally made to order and this may cause a slight delay in dispatch.

If you wish to use the mould for food items such as chocolate please select the "Food Safe" option below.

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