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Easy-hold Trolley Token with handle Silicone Mould

Easy-hold Trolley Token with handle Silicone Mould

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Perfect for resin casting, this trolley coin key silicone mould with a wide top for mobility problems. This product contains 2 moulds and makes 2 items at a time. There are 2 designs of trolley token mould available

The trolley coin key with a wide top allows people with a disability and/or dexterity problems, such as arthritis, to access coin operated shopping trolleys easily. The wide top provides good leverage, and also helps visually impaired people to identify it as a trolley coin token, Mould size is 65mm x 40mm x 3mm

The other design takes up less space when attached to keys but it has the same effect for people with disabilities or dexterity problems. Mould size is 70mm x 25mm x 3mm

This trolley coin key is easily inserted and removed from the trolley mechanism. Suitable for front facing coin slot only.

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