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Heat Pro Heat Resistant Epoxy 200c

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The best choice for covering your art-project (tabletops, trays, coasters, bar counters, etc) by protective layer!

It`s perfect to be applied as a final layer (1-3mm), it allows to cover both large and small surfaces. Catalysis at room temperature in a few hours and in 24h is completely ready for any use (Please, pay your attention, the full curing time is 72h);
Apply only on perfectly dry surfaces – it is afraid of moisture. Not compatible with acrylic or liquid dyes (We don`t recommend use this product with acrylic art-works!) . The product should be applied to a resin surfaces, transparent (without dyes).
If you need to apply on coloured resin or other materials, apply at least one 1mm layer of clear resin beforehand. Wait 24-48h and apply the product.
Finally the definitive product to protect you to always keep your creations in perfect condition. Only limited stocks, take advantage of it!

This new two-component product is distinguished by its particular formula of 100 A : 75 B that guarantees optimal and high-performance results.
Specific for resin surfaces in combination with high materials (wood, stone, cloth).

Withstands up to 200 degrees. High impact and wear resistance due to its elastic composition.

Ideal for lining worktops and tables, trays and all kinds of coasters. The composition is resistant to small scratches due to daily wear and guarantees a glossy surface . Also suitable for Dooming and artistic applications on fabrics.

Numerous tests have shown that, despite being solvent-free, the heat resistance of this resin is 2 hours at a temperature of 175°C and 15 minutes at 200°C

The particular composition gives the product a high impact and scratch resistance, making it very ductile and difficult to crack.

Ideal for coating worktops and tables, trays, coasters and even shoes, it can be used for glossy finishes that require high protection.

To eliminate the bubbles use a heat source: caution pass torch or hair dryer only for 2-3 seconds on each area to avoid damage to the finish.

Apply only on perfectly dry surfaces – Protect from humidity. Not compatible with acrylic or liquid dyes. The product must be applied on transparent resin surface (without dyes). If applying to colored resin or other type of surfices, apply at least a 1mm layer of clear resin beforehand. Wait 24-48h and apply the Heat Pro.

Technical data:
Usage ratio 100:75 (in weight)
Minimum thickness – 1 mm [0,03”].
Maximum casting – 5 mm [0,19”] per coat.
Consumption 1.2 kg [2,64 lb] / m2 (1 mm [0,03”] of thickness)
Cure time (20°C) [68 F]: 3h00 ‘
Full catalysis after 24-72 hours
Use adequate personal protective equipment.

Solvent-free and odourless.


  • Use adequate personal protective equipment.
  • For best results, measure two components based on weight using a scale within 5% of the recommended mix ratio.
  • Always mix the product thoroughly for at least 3 minutes, scraping all the surfaces of the container to ensure complete mixing.
  • Try to use the product in a temperature-controlled environment within the optimal product specifications.
  • Avoid high humidity or low ambient temperatures.
  • Ensure that the surface is dry and any dirt, dust and oils removed to achieve optimal bonding. It is furthermore highly recommended to sand the surface (with sandpaper or mechanical preparation).
  • Perform small preliminary tests to have a clear understanding of the polymerization features of the resins in your work environment and the compatibility of the resins with other materials.


DO NOT use thermal heat guns and flames during catalysis. Before coating with “TOP PRO”, make sure that the area being treated is completely dry and free of moisture.

The product is moisture sensitive, do not use on wet surfaces.

Use adequate personal protective equipment.


Video of the resin in action here.