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TM Zeta Pen Kit

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The Taylors Mirfield Zeta ballpoint pen kit (rear twist type).

Made in Taiwan exclusively for TaylorsMirfield.co.uk.

The pen is easy to make with only one tube required. It uses a Parker style refill. 

British made TBC bushes available

Following the success of the TM Zeta and a growing demand for high quality pen kits in the UK, we give to you The TM Zeta Full Rhodium.
Rhodium is one of the rarest metals on earth, with annual worldwide production being only about a hundredth of that of gold. Rhodium commands a value similar to pure gold, but being a member of the platinum group of metals it is much more hard wearing than gold and does not tarnish. In fact, it is often used to plate silver and white gold jewellery, believe it or not to actually improve the appearance and to stop it tarnishing .
Rhodium is used in the highest quality pens because of its appearance, its durability, its lustre and its resistance to tarnishing. 
This is a premium kit and your customers will not be disappointed.  

Tooling requirements

Bushings - ZETA
Drill Bit 9mm.