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Resin Barrier / Release Tape

Resin Barrier / Release Tape

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This special high quality tape is designed specifically for use as a barrier or release tape for industrial resins like epoxy. It is smooth, very strong, non-stretch and totally non-stick, making it incredibly useful for a wide range of epoxy resin applications.

The tape is supplied on a 66m roll and is 50mm (2") in width.

Resin Barrier/Release Tape Recommended Uses

There are so many ways you can use this tape with your GlassCast epoxy resin. For smaller projects the tape can be used as the resin barrier itself or for larger projects the tape can be applied to strips of any material to make a non-stick surface - perfect for turning wooden battens into non-stick resin barriers!

  • Seal plastic barriers to a baseboard
  • Apply to wooden battens to make non-stick barriers
  • Apply to any sheet material to make a non-stick baseboard
  • Seal holes or cracks in timber before a resin pour
  • Wrap around wood to create a barrier for Secret Wood Jewellery


  • Very strong - will not stretch or sag
  • Self-release - GlassCast won't stick to or perish the tape
  • Medium tack - sticks to most materials
  • Flat and glossy - leaves a great finish
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