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Pastel Squid Pigments Mythical Collection (epoxy, jesmonite, A1, etc)

Pastel Squid Pigments Mythical Collection (epoxy, jesmonite, A1, etc)

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A stunning range of liquid pigments developed by resin artists for resin artists. 

These pigments have been well tested to ensure good colour, ease of mixing / dispersion and colour lasting properties. 

These pigments will work both as translucent and opaque depending on amount of colour added. The tiniest bit will be needed for transparent effects with them being so highly concentrated. 

We recommend no more than 1% pigment is required to achieve full depth of colour from these pigments.
The colours can also be mixed to create new colours if required.

These colours work the same as our other Mythical Squids and are a gorgeous pastel colour, perfect for pastel makes!

Dianthe - Pastel purple 
Meriol - Pastel blue
Celeste - Pastel yellow
Kelpie - Pastel green
Shaylah - Pastel pink

Supplied in dripper top bottles, 
50ml by Volume.


Although these pigments are listed as epoxy pigment they are acrylic based so work well in Jesmonite and plaster based products too.

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