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Mr Mica Chameleon / Colour Shift Mica Powder

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Here we have our new range of chameleon / colour shift Mica powder.

These powders work best when brushed into the mould but can also work well if mixed with resin, like all our powders they have excellent dispersion for ease of mixing. We recommend using a resin containing a colour (black works well), as clear resin will not give the full effect of the colour shift.

1 - Flash Blue / Purple

2 - Flash Yellow / Green / Blue

3 - Cyan / Green / Purple / Blue

4 - Purple / Red / Blue 

5 - Purple / Red

6 - Green / Yellow / Blue / Purple 

7 - Brown / Red / Bronze 

8 - Green / Purple / Blue / Red

9 - Green / Purple / Blue

Each jar is 3g net weight

Price is per jar


We source our mica powder from ethical sources so as not to support child labour mining that happens with some mica powder sources. All our mica are also eco and bio friendly.