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Ghost/Ghoul Halloween Scoop / Scoopies / Scoopy / Tiny Melts Silicone Mould

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This mould is perfect for wax melts, price is for one mould producing multiple small melts.

Mould size: 335mm x 250mm x 10mm
Melt size: 4mm deep

These melts hold a few grams each, perfect for scoopies!
This mould has an edge around it making it perfect to fill the circles and scrape excess wax off without it flowing over the sides!

The addition cure silicone rubber we use is suited to all resins and wax.

*Colours of the mould may vary*
We provide different colour moulds to keep things interesting and to make our products different from others.
You cannot choose the colour mould you receive, this will be random.

Moulds are occasionally made to order and this may cause a slight delay in dispatch.