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CULR Pigments

CULR Pigments

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Super Concentrated

Up to 5kg (5 litres) of epoxy resin can be coloured using a single 20ml bottle of CULR™ pigment, making them the most concentrated resin pigments available whilst the advanced liquid formula ensures that these intense pigments disperse in seconds. Better still, the concentration of these vibrant liquid pigments and the special epoxy-compatible carrier means that your pigmented resin will still cure with a pristine surface.

Blend to Create any Colour

For resin artists creating flow art -type pieces or makers wishing to create realistic multi-tone marble / stone coat effects, CULR pigments have been developed to work together as a complete colour system, allowing almost any colour to be created simply by blending any of the 8 foundation colours whilst adding drops of white or black can adjust the saturation and brightness to create infinite possibilities.

10 colour sets contain:
Cosmic Purple, Indigo Blue, Topaz Green, Leaf Green, Milk Choc Brown, Tangy Yellow, Tomato Red, Fuchsia Pink, Jet Black, Super White

Metallic Colours

The CULR range also includes 3 metallic colours of copper, silver and gold which can be used on their own or blended with other CULR pigments to achieve even more unique colour effects. The metallic particles in the CULR pigments will rise to the top of resin, rather than sinking into it like they do with other pigments, creating a metallic effect which seems to sit above the other colours.


CULR pigments are designed specifically for use with clear epoxy resins. They have been thoroughly tested with the GlassCast range of casting and coating resins but should also work with most other clear epoxy systems, although we always recommend conducting a test first.

CULR pigments are not suitable for use with alternative resin types such as polyurethane.

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