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A1 Sealer Plus Satin

A1 Sealer Plus Satin

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A1 Sealer PLUS is a water-borne coating system to protect the A1 object from weather influences such as moisture and UV radiation

A1 Sealer PLUS A1 Sealer PLUS is the most common one-component sealer to protect A1 products for outside use. It is easy to apply in one or more layers. The more A1 Sealer PLUS you apply the more gloss will appear (with a max. of 3 layers). It also can be used as a base resin to decorate and give products a natural look. Advantages of the sealer: one component, solvent free, easy to apply, good UV resistant, protection against dirt pick up, quick drying, excellent adhesion and good humidity protection.

All objects in an outdoor environment are subjected to weather influences that have an erosive effect on the A1 object.

Our A1 Sealer PLUS has a protective effect against these influences.

There is a choice of A1 Sealer PLUS Matt, Satin and Gloss.

For the most matte result we recommend first applying a layer with the A1 Sealer PLUS Satin and then a layer with A1 Sealer PLUS Matt.

The advantages are: 1 component, solvent-free, water-based, quick-drying, easy to apply, good UV resistance, excellent adhesion, protection against dirt absorption and good protection against moisture.

The A1 Sealer PLUS is a so-called breathable coating.
In addition to any residual moisture after production, A1 absorbs water to a limited extent if placed in a highly humid environment and this water is also (many times faster) released again in a dry environment. With the help of this breathable (vapour open) A1 Sealer PLUS any remaining and/or absorbed moisture can easily leave the A1 object. Therefore, avoid applying too thick a layer of A1 Sealer PLUS as this may close the A1 object.

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Lovely and well done 10/10 ✔️