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'Eddy' Polyester Resin Pen Blanks

'Eddy' Polyester Resin Pen Blanks

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Polyester resin pen blanks can be a little brittle to turn. We strongly advise very sharp tools and as fast a speed as you can on the lathe. The results of turning these blanks are a truly stunning shine.

Cafe Au Lait - coffee and cream blended together to give some lovely creamy swirls mixing with the dark coffee colours.
Ocean Waves - Blue and cream crash together to create a stunning blend of colours.
Emerald Dream - The deep rich green mixed with ivory gives a unique blend of tones.
Mono - Black and white working together to give a stunning blank.
Strawberries and cream - perfectly complementing each other as food and same can be said for these blanks.
Sunburst - Red and Yellow swirls through these blanks like fire.
Lapis Lazuli - Pale and Dark Blue blending together in these stunning blanks.
Steel City - Orange and Black combine to make these blanks really stand out.
Osidian Sky - The darkness of the black against the turquoise really make for a striking combination.
Lilac Lace - Lilac and Ivory meet to create a very subtle blend of colours.
Vietnamese Dragon - The deep chrome green mixed with Oxide red almost makes for a camoflage look to these blanks.
Tutti Frutti - Turquoise / Orange
Parma Violet - Grey / Lilac
Sea Foam - Blue / Green

Price is per blank

each blank approx 20x20x130mm 

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