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Call Blank Mould

Call Blank Mould

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Made primarily for the USA market this mould has a cavity of 45mm x 45mm x 165mm (1.75"x1.75"x6.5")
specifically with call blanks in mind.
That is not to say the mould doesnt have other uses. As you know at MRBlanks we like to make moulds that have multi uses.
With a full cast in this mould cut length ways twice and you could get 4 pen blanks 20x20x165 approx.
A half fill would be ideal to cast for those who make kitless pen.

Pictures show the mould in our addition cure resin which comes in both the purple as shown and orange. Either colour may be shipped and it all the same rubber just a different additive we add.

I filled mould with water (approx 330ml for an idea of how much resin) to show there is no flexing of the sides when filled.
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