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Vista Food Safe

Vista Food Safe

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Vista Food Safe

2 to 1 Epoxy Art Resin supplied in 1.5kg and 3kg kits with 2 parts A and 1 part B
Perfect for coating, doming and making thin coasters and food safe pieces , with pours of up to 10mm
Crystal Clear, Heat Resistant up to 90°C and Manufactured in the UK
Low Odour, No VOC's, Solvent Free and Non-Flammable

Product Information

Vista Food Safe is a 2 to 1 coating and thin pour resin, formulated for applications between 0 and 3mm depth, but capable of application up to 10mm. Food Safe is among our most viscous and fastest curing resins. Vista Food Safe is formulated to be safe for food contact with all food types.

Epoxies cure from a heat reaction. The thinner the application the slower the reaction because the epoxy is unable to generate as much heat in a lower mass. So for thin applications like doming and coatings, it is important to use a fast-curing resin like Rapids that generates heat even at a low depth.

Vista Food Safe is also highly heat resistant, partly due to how thick it is. For the type of work Food Safe is often used for, like the finishing sealer or ‘doming’ of coasters, this advantage is very useful. You can see on this coaster the doming effect of Vista Food Safe applied after the coaster has been made.

Vista Food Safe is also excellent for thin projects, like coating pieces made for presenting food. The coverage of 1kg is 1mm per 1m2.

This product is heat resistant up to 90ºC once it has reached it’s full cure in 14 days. When pouring at 20ºC, pouring at the recommended depth typically this product is touch dry in 24 hours.

It is important with any product for you to trial the resin before application on to project. Not all art resins behave the same. After trialling, you might realise that a different product within the range is more suitable, or that the techniques implemented with alternative resins may have to be adjusted for this particular product.

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