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Epoxy Resin Jewellery Kit

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GlassCast resin jewellery starter kits are perfect for makers and crafters wishing to make their own jewellery pieces from epoxy resin.

The kit uses premium quality GlassCast 10 epoxy casting resin which is the perfect clear epoxy for this application; easy to use, incredibly clear, self degassing, high gloss resin surface that is hard-wearing and UV resistant and easy to machine if required.

The kit includes epoxy pigments and metallic powders to create stunning effects, a silicone jewellery mould and the accessories needed to complete the project.

Kit Contents

  • GlassCast 10 500g - epoxy casting resin and hardener
  • Silicone Jewellery Tray Mould
  • SHIMR Metallic Powders - mini multipack
  • CULR Universal Pigments - mini multipack
  • Mixing Pots and Sticks
  • 2 pairs of Nitrile Gloves
  • 5ml & 10ml Syringe

How difficult is it?

Creating your own resin jewellery using this kit is a great way to get started and a cost effective way to purchase the kit components you need to get started.

This easy to use resin has a 2:1 ratio by volume (or 100:45g by weight), is easily pigmented with the GlassCast pigments included in the kit and the reusable silicone mould gives great results for beginners and more experienced resin users alike. To create unique resin pendants and keyrings, you can mix vibrant colours, add shimmering effects with the metallic powders and encapsulate other additives with crystal clear GlassCast 10 resin.

Items that can be encapsulated include glitters, shells and preserved flowers to name just a few - the possibilities really are endless.

The CULR pigments included in the kit can be used to add tints of colour by using tiny amounts of pigment up to a solid colour. They can also be mixed together to make additional colours and tones: SHIMR pigment powder multipack 6 colours - Gold, Silver, Amethyst Purple, Electric Blue, Emerald Green and Crimson Red CULR Universal pigment multipack 6 colours - Jet Black, Super White, Indigo Blue, Leaf Green, Tomato Red and Tangy Yellow

What else will I need?

In addition to the kit contents, you may wish to have the following items to hand; cocktail sticks, tweezers if you are encapsulating items, a chef's torch and something to cover your mould whilst the resin cures.