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Foam Pen Inserts for Lidded Box

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Our LD45 foam pen inserts are made specially to fit our lidded boxes we provide and will hold a range of pens. Made from 8mm thick black foam and cut with precision on our machine.

Insert is 202mm x 50mm x 8mm (approx) with a slot(s) of 135mm x 12mm

The lidded boxes come with white wadding inside them but most crafters go for the option of one of these inserts as it provides more stability for the pen whilst in the box.

We offer solid bottom inserts which provide a soft bottom for the pen but there is no section cut for the pen to lie in, one pen insert which hold one pen in place and 2 pen inserts which will hold two pens in place.

Please note this listing is for the insert only and not the box, boxes have to be ordered separately.