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  • 9 KG [19,84 lb] of the most clear epoxy resin (5.4 kg) + hardener (3.6 kg) !

Finally, the ultimate product that allows high-thickness castings, non-yellowing and scratch-resistant.
Specifically developed by RESIN PRO Team to provide its customers with the perfect product for the creation of wooden and resin tables!
Ultra-low exothermic reaction allows high-thickness castings WITHOUT OVERHEATING and WITHOUT DEFORMATIONS.
Perfectly TRANSPARENT and NON-YELLOWING. Specially designed to be used to create wooden and resin tables and for large castings for artistic works.

Ideal for wood and resin tables thanks to its features:

  1. low exothermic reaction, for castings up to 5 cm [1,96”]!*
  2. with UV filters, non-yellowing guaranteed for 10 years;
  3. highly mechanical resistant surface, for maximum scratchproof properties!
  4. low viscosity to eliminate air bubbles;
  5. long working time, that permits to work on the project in order to correct any aesthetic defect.
  6. heat resistance – up to 70 C [158 F]

* Recommended thickness table

5cm–> max. 12 kg per application
4 cm -> max. 14 kg per application
3 cm. -> max. 20 kg per application
2cm -> max. 100 kg per application


FINALLY, THE ULTIMATE PRODUCT FOR PROFESSIONALS, SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR THE CREATION OF WOODEN AND RESIN TABLES and all other applications that need large, transparent castings with low level of yellowing.


If one of the sides of the project is more than 100cm or the total weight of pouring epoxy is more than 8kg we insistently recommend to do a casting in two and more layers! (waiting 6- 8 hours between them).

Main features: 

Mix ratio 100:67 (by weight)

Component Resin epoxy Hardener MIX
State Liquid Liquid Liquid
Color  Garder 1 1 1
Viscosity mPas 1900 40 400
Pot life (125g 25°) [0,27 lb 77 F] 24h
Gel time (125g 25°) [0,27 lb 77 F] 48h
demoulding days 2
Full cure 7 days (25C) [77 F]