GlassCast Tinting Pigments

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Both sets of tinting pigments are 100% compatible with the GlassCast Resin range and can be used to tint the resin anywhere from a very subtle shade through to quite intense levels of colour just like a stained glass window.

The tints are designed to colour the resin without stopping light from passing through it meaning that tinted resin still maintains a good degree of transparency and depth, perfect for a range of creative effects.

The tints can be used on their own or combined to create an infinite possibilities of colours.

Recommended Uses

  • Classic blue or green tints for river tables
  • Gemstone-like colours for jewellery castings
  • Subtle-tints for water-simulation
  • Vivid colours (including neon!) for resin plank tables


  • Concentrated colour - just a few drops for a subtle tint
  • Non-fading - UV resistant vibrant colours
  • GlassCast compatible - intended for use with epoxy resin

How to Use

Using these GlassCast Resin Tinting Pigments couldn't be easier. Just mix your GlassCast resin and hardener together and then add drips of tinting pigment until you achieve the designed level of tint.

To maintain a consistent colour across the whole project, tint all your resin first before adding any hardener and then just mix up batches as you need them.